Lloyd Hoshide — Concept Artist, Illustrator based in Anaheim, CA

Personal Projects

Personal work

What if Blizzard made a 2D fighting game with the Warcraft IP?

Critical Role Fanart

Momotaro Scifi. Loved this story when I was a kid!

World of Warcraft inspired Troll Fisherman. (Personal work.)

Forsaken Undead Warlock and Banshee. World of Warcraft fanart.

Half Orc Warlock. My DnD character “Keth Greygut”

Mario Bros fanart

Holiday Krampus for fun.

SciFi Characters for a boardgame coming out soon.

Polynesian inspired war club in the warcraft style. Modeled in Maya and textured in 3d Coat.

Dagger concept, kind of Warcraft “old gods” inspired (Personal work.)

Tauren Bust

Good and Evil Hedghog/porcupine NPC characters.

Snail Creature Concepts

The Friendly Illithid

Squire Henry

paint practice, Kobold bust.

Grog Strongjaw from Critical Role. (Personal work.)

Paizo style Goblin. (Personal work.)

Call of Cthulu fanart (Critical Role one shot)

Critical Role Fanart Percy

A tribute I did for my best canine friend who passed recently.

Kinetic Nanchaku Ninja

Dwarf Bust Commission

Critical Role Fanart

A friendly warrior